New Bathrooms are Ready; and June Raffle Results

Dear Faithful Sponsor:

Greetings from all the children at Hope Academy in Nairobi, Kenya! We are so excited that the bathrooms that we built while my son Kevin and I visited Kenya last year are finally operational. The bathroom has been connected to the sewage line and the container to store the water necessary for flushing has been purchased and installed. Tile has been added to the floors and walls and the outside of the bathroom has been painted. It is so exciting to see this work complete and the children and staff being able to use these toilets.

This is the bathroom building at the time of my visit last year.
This is the bathroom building at the time of my visit last year.

I also want to share with you the winners from the raffle that was held in June. $1200 was donated by local businesses and we were able to divide those donations into five different categories. Each category had prizes that totaled between $200 and $300. Our winners were Pat Rossi, Jackie Brown, Sam Gould, Tammy Wilson and Guy Gorman. We are grateful to each supporter that purchased the raffle tickets. All proceeds went to feed the children at Hope Academy.

It is the beginning of a new school year for the children at Hope Academy. They have so many needs. They need paper, pencils, crayons, scissors, glue and other types of supplies. Some of the students need new uniforms and there are broken classroom chairs that need fixing. They all still need to be able to get a free breakfast and lunch during the school year. If you can help provide support to these children, it would be greatly appreciated. These children are not charged to attend Hope Academy. It is only through your generous donations that they are able to go to school and have two meals of beans and rice a day. Please help in any way you can. No donation is too small. Every donation is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance from the bottom of my heart for helping to make this a great school year for the children.

Sincerely yours,

Marsha Grahek, President