The Blessings of Last Christmas

Download a PDF of the original February 29, 2020 newsletter complete with pictures.

February 29th 2020

Dear Faithful Supporter:

Thank you so much for your generous support to the children in Africa and Appalachia. I am excited to say that your donations and designations of Christmas gifts to these two groups enabled us to bless the children and their families in both places. 62 children in calf Creek Hollow receive Christmas stockings, socks, deodorants, gift cards, fruit and other needed items because of your generosity (see pictures). the children were so excited and appreciative to have something for Christmas.

We were able to provide the students (200) at Hope Academy school in Nairobi, Kenya a Christmas meal that fed 1200 people (the children and their families) as well as give a monetary gift to the teachers and staff who volunteer their time every day of the year to take care of the students because poverty is so great. There is never any money to pay the serving teachers, but because of your generosity we were able to give a gift of $50 to each teacher and staff member (10) as a thank-you for their selfless giving. The children were given bags that contained fruit along with candy. The pastor had a Christmas story for the children and shared the gospel with the people. Many made a decision to follow Christ because of the experience that they have had that God cares for them due to your faithful support. You are definitely the hands and feet of Jesus to these people who have nothing except for their faith.

Your gifts provided for support for these families through the end of February. Now we need your help again. Please give deeply so we can continue to help your children and the 62 children in the hollows. Help us find a way to save their church. Thank you in advance for your help and your donations. I greatly appreciate your willingness to bring light and hope to dark places.

Sincerely yours,

Marsha J Grahek, President