Christmas 2019 awaits…

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November 8th 2019

Dear Faithful Supporter:

During this Thanksgiving season, I want to thank each of you for your continued support to the 200 children in Nairobi, Kenya and to the 60 children in Inez, Kentucky in the hollows. I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude as I think about the impact we have made together on the lives of these children and families. This season the children and their families are going to bed with a sense of excitement and expectation because you have shown them over and over again that you are faithful in your support for them. I remember last year the wonder and excitement that the children in Kenya felt as each one held a gift in his or her little hands of small bags of popcorn, bubbles, and candy. To us it may seem such a small thing, to them it was a major miracle.

We took school supplies, food, shoes, clothes, coats, lap blankets and many other items to the Cow Creek Hollow children this summer. We want to be able to provide them once again this Christmas with math Essentials, undergarments and other items that many times they go without due to their circumstances of extreme poverty. Remember, 90 cents out of every dollar you said goes directly to the support of each children.

As the Christmas season approaches, or organization is already in prayer for the children and families that depend on us for any type of Christmas blessing. I am asking for you to give deeply and help create a special Christmas miracle for these children. Please help us once again provide a Christmas meal for the 200 children that attend and their families. Also help us provide food and small gifts for the 60 children in calf Creek Hollow. We also need donations for support for these children in the upcoming year. Thank you in advance for your help in your donation. Please know that I’ve always appreciative of any size gift that you can give. Thanks again for making the Christmas season a special time for these children. Without you, these children would have nothing.

Sincerely yours,

Marsha J Grahek, President