Report on Christmas 2017 & Plans for June 2018 Trip to Inez, KY

Dear Faithful Sponsors:

Thank you so much for your donations! Because of your generosity, we were able to give $1000 to the children at Calf Creek Hollow and $2000 to the children at Hope Academy for the Christmas season. We were able to buy greatly needed underclothing for the Appalachian children as well as soaps, deodorants, and school supplies. The children were very excited that they had gifts for Christmas because you did not forget them. The children at Hope Academy were thrilled again that they could participate with their families in a Christmas dinner/celebration. We saw to it that 995 children and family members were able to honor the birth of Jesus and participate in a meal of beans and rice with vegetables and small pieces of meat. What a feast for them! I had the privilege of listening to the group sing ‘Silent Night, Holy Night’ in the Swahili language.  What an incredible experience! A number of children said “Hi!” to me on the phone as I responded in their language with “Jumbo!” Two different countries, with two different languages were joined together with love and the excitement of having something special for Christmas. The children and families prayed again for special blessings over your lives in gratitude of what you do for them. Their prayers are the only gifts they have to offer as a thank-you to you.

Marsha working with one of the children at Inez, Kentucky during our June 2017 visit.

Now we are in great need to have you help again. Our funds are down to $95 and we need each of you to give your most generous gift to help these children. We don’t have any grants or donations for large corporations that help. We lean heavily on you and your gifts and are delighted to see your faithfulness again and again to these children. We are putting together a team to go to Inez, Kentucky to hold a summer camp for the children in Calf Creek Hollow during the last week of June. Please contact me at 804-908-1645 if your are interested in being a team member. Leave a message and I will return your call.

The children in Inez, Kentucky participating in a group exercise during our June 2017 visit.

Thank you again for caring about these children and helping. Remember we help the poorest of the poor and everything yo give is received with humble gratitude. My heartfelt thanks to each of you!

Sincerely Yours,

Marsha Grahek, President

See the above as the original letter from Marsha (PDF)

Project Respect members posing for a group shot in Inez, Kentucky during our June 2017 visit.


Arts and Crafts activities with the children at Calf Creek Hollow in Inez, Kentucky during our June 2017 visit.