Mission Statement Letter from Project Respect

Project Respect is a §501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that partners with indigenous workers to enable them to provide help to their communities specifically poverty-stricken children and their families. Project Respect partners with Hope Academy of Nairobi, Kenya and enables them to take 200 children out of the Tassia slums. These children are provided a free education and two meals of beans and rice. These meals have literally kept them from dying of starvation.

Here, the children are being asked to show their spoons but due to translation issues, displayed their thumbs instead.

We have walked through the slums where these children live and have held their hands as we looked into their eyes and witnessed a flicker of Hope. We are proud to be able to make sure that $0.90 out of every dollar is used for the direct care of these children.

Marsha Grahek eating a rice-and-bean lunch with the students of Hope Academy in Nairobi, Kenya.

We need your help so we can continue to impact these children and a great way. There are thousands of children in the Tassia slums in Africa that would love to attend Hope Academy. Your support would make it possible for another child to go to school and save him or her from starvation and a life of poverty. Please help!

Our Efforts in Inez, Kentucky

Project Respect is also partnering to help children and families that live in Calf Creek Hollow in the Appalachian Mountains in Inez, Kentucky. We recently took back packs and tons of school supplies to Inez, Kentucky for these children. One parent commented that “the children in the hollow are always overlooked and forgotten.” Project Respect is working to make sure these children are not forgotten. We are developing a special summer camp for these children in June 2017.

Marsha Grahek with parents of children in Inez, Kentucky with new book bags and backpacks provided with your support.

We need sponsors to help finance this camp for these Appalachian children. Project Respect has been working with children and families who are the poorest of the poor. We have been responsible with our donations, making sure the maximum amount of the donation goes directly to the children.

Please help by making your check payable to Project Respect P.O. Box 29297; Richmond, Virginia 23242.

All donations are tax-deductible. Thanks so much!


Marsha Grahek, President