Education at Hope Academy Enables the Dream

May 27, 2016

Dear Faithful Supporters:

Greetings to you from the children at Hope Academy in Nairobi, Kenya!  l have been talking to the children in Kenya and they have been very excited to share with me their progress in school. They had a surprise for me and sung a song called “Education”. They are very acutely aware that an education is paramount to realizing their dreams of being able to get out of the slums and break the cycle of poverty. I listened to their laughter and giddiness as they shared with me their hopes and dreams for a life totally different from the one they are now living. You have enabled them to be able to believe that they have a chance at a different and better life. Children in Africa have to pay for an education. Without money, they are not even allowed to go to school. Without an education, they don’t even dare to dream or hope for something better. Thanks again for giving these children the courage to dream!


I need your help once again. Unfortunately, the past two months have found us low on financial help. The children went for a week without food in March and April and we are struggling to gather the support for June. Please help us again to provide for these children. Their belief in your love and concern about their welfare is unwavering. You have proved to them that you will not abandon them.


Please send your most generous donation so we can continue to support these children. From the bottom of my heart, l say “thank-you”!

Sincerely yours,

Marsha J. Grahek, President

See the above as Marsha’s original letter to supporters