Playground and Christmas plans for Hope Academy; late 2014

It is with great joy that I share news with you regarding the playground that was purchased for the children at Hope Academy on my trip there in August 2014. The playground has been installed and the children are loving it. There are pictures on the border of this letter that show you what the playground looks like. It is so awesome to see the smiles of the children and the number of children on each piece of playground equipment! The playground has truly become a light in a dismal area!

Kevin Grahek stands next to newly delivered playground equipment, as it’s being installed at Hope Academy.

We are planning to do something special for the students and their families this year for Christmas. If we get enough support we will include the teachers. We would like to have another Christmas meal for the children and their families where the Christmas story will be shared before the meal time. We would also like to be able to provide goodie bags for each child and teacher that would include crackers, potato chips, cookies, gum, candy, oranges and apples, Etc. based on my recent trip to Kenya we would be feeding 700 people and providing 220 goodie bags. The cost for the meal and goodie bags would be estimated between $4,000 and $5,000. Last year, we were only able to raise $1,200 and therefore were only able to have a meal that included the students and some of their family members. I am hoping that the money raised this year will be enough to provide both Amelia goodie bags for each child.

We will be collecting money until December 17th and then we will wire the money to the school. The staff of the school will purchase items for the goodie bags and put the goodie bags together. Anyone who is interested in blessing these children this Christmas can make a donation of any size to project respect. Please visit the website for more information about the school. May God bless you richly for bringing joy to these children.


Sincerely yours,

Marsha Grahek, President